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About us

Heffernan Consulting (HC) was incorporated in Montana in 1995. Before that it existed as a sole proprietor entity.  John and Kathy started the company to provide energy conservation consulting services to agriculture and home owners in the northwest.  Most of the activity today centers around testing and designing of agricultural irrigation systems.  John has tested more than 3,000 pumping systems in several states for various electric utilities.  Some of these utilities are participants in Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Conservation programs.  All of the utilities are motivated to assist their irrigation customers to be as efficient as possible in a world that is becoming more technologically advanced each year.  Recently, other government agencies such as National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) have begun motivating irrigators to increase their efficiency and HC has been meeting these needs.

John Heffernan- Optimization Engineer/Soils Specialist/Owner

John received a BS in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana, School of Forestry where he focused on soil science and then later received a BA in Education from University of Montana where he majored in mathematics.  His career began working for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) as a soil scientist.  He left the SCS in 1986 as a tenured civil servant in search of more meaningful work and began consulting.  He was certified to test pumps by the BPA in the 80s and 90s.  John was one of the early participants in the Irrigation Association’s (IA) Certification program and received his Certified Irrigation Designer (C.I.D.) label from the IA in 1991.  He has maintained the IA certification ever since by taking classes such as Applications for Variable Frequency Drives (vfds)/ Optimizing pumping systems/electrical pumping systems etc…  John is also listed on the NRCS website as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) for NRCS programs.

Kathy Heffernan- Secretary/Owner

Kathy received her BS in Biology from the University of Montana as well as science teacher certification classes and special education certification classes.  She has been a teacher in Montana public schools since 1987.  Kathy assists with field work during the summer months and other corporate duties as the Secretary of the Corporation.

Paul Heffernan- Instrumentation Engineer

Paul received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University and assists with field work, web design and equipment calibration and testing.

Sam Heffernan- Technician

Sam is currently a student at Montana State University.  He is studying Computer Science and assists with field work and web design.

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